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The popular cryptocurrency forum is currently inaccessible for the second time in two months. No pages of the forum are currently obtainable, and tweets from the forum’s official Twitter account suggest an ongoing problem relating to handling of user-generated

A Florida bitcoin exchanger who admitted he enabled the digital currency to be funneled to the black market website Silk Road for drug sales was sentenced on Tuesday to four years in prison. Robert Faiella, 55, was sentenced by U.S.

Popular wallet and online payment platform Coinbase has raised US$75 million in a series C funding round. Arriving on top of US$30 million raised in series’ A and B, the company is now having a total capital raised to $106

Ok, so by now most people — fine, maybe only a few — understand that Bitcoin is virtual cash that’s generated (“mined”) by computers, lives on the internet and is used to purchase real and digital stuff online and in

On October 31, 2008 a white paper was published with the title: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Known as the first decentralized digital currency with access to Internet highways and refuge from financial institutions, the concept of Bitcoins was initially sent out

Bitcoin was created to offer people more freedom of choice, less scrutiny in their business dealings, and liberating them from the need to trust the government and its ability to manage money and fiscal policy. More and more businesses choose

If you’ve previously paid for goods with Bitcoin or other digital currency in California, you’re technically a criminal — the state has long had a law requiring US dollars, even if it hasn’t been enforced. As of this weekend, though,

Kings College in New York Will Accept Bitcoin. Friday, King’s College, a four-year evangelical school based in Lower Manhattan, said that it would become the first accredited college to allow students to pay their tuition in Bitcoin. It’s also the

Bitcoin got serious , Canada makes law for it ! At the end of this week, the Parliament of Canada approved what is likely the World’s first National Bitcoin Law, and certainly the world’s first treatment in law of Bitcoin

Switzerland will soon have its own Bitcoin ATM network thanks to the company SBEX, which recently received approval from the Swiss regulators to install the machines in the country. The approval became public shortly after the publication of a report