50 Insane Facts About Bitcoin [Infographic]
January 20, 2015

50 Insane Facts About Bitcoin [Infographic]

Ok, so by now most people — fine, maybe only a few — understand that Bitcoin is virtual cash that’s generated (“mined”) by computers, lives on the internet and is used to purchase real and digital stuff online and in person.

We from 247CryptoNews been in this community for 2 years already and we know all its ups and down . But they are still people that have no idea about Bitcoin yet . Wait till they find out , then we are curious of what Bitcoin will become.

Now Bitcoin users can purchase thousands of legal items on the straight and narrow with the controversial cryptocurrency, like tickets to a Sacramento Kings Game, fresh beef in Australia or even tuition for the University of Nicosia and tons of other real life items , now that many merchants have adopted it by the preasure of the Bitcoin powerful community with huge buying power . And before the takedown of Silk Road, people reportedly swapped bitcoins for countless shady illegal goods, including dime bags of weed, stolen guns, forged documents and possibly even hitman services. Very creepy, right?

For an entertaining yet educational eyeful of just how bizarre the Bitcoin story is, from its mysterious beginnings to its rise as a kind of, almost, on the brink of mainstream currency around the globe today, take a look at the revealing infographic below . It’s about all the insane & weird facts about Bitcoin .




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