EasBit – Easy To Use With High Level Security Bitcoin Wallet For Android
February 12, 2015

EasBit – Easy To Use With High Level Security Bitcoin Wallet For Android

What is this about?

Easbit is a startup in mobile software development for cryptocurrency. A granny proof and high level security Bitcoin wallet for Android smartphones is the product of this initial project. It is an Android application for smartphones which enables users to send and receive secured transactions in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. They will always keep in mind that the usability MUST be as easy as using cash. Their perspective this is the only way to get Bitcoin “mainstream”. It is nonsense to say that solely this app would achieve this. But they will definitely try to contribute to this process. Summarizing, the usage of cryptocurrency needs to be granny proof and safe in order to go global it is as simple as that!

Easy-To-Use Android Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin nowadays still has the image of being not user friendly and that usage is only meant for IT people. They want to accomplish to get rid of this image for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is meant for everybody around the globe! One thing which really distinguished ourselves from the competition is that we have found a very user friendly way to handle the user unfriendly long Bitcoin addresses. Therefore all that counts for them is developing a wallet which meets 100% the needs for all kind of users. Which means: keep it stupid simple, but with high quality! Their goal is everybody should be able to use our app. And by everybody they mean everybody who uses cash today. They call this granny proof.

Android smartphones

They have consciously decided to develop a wallet for Android based smartphones. They did this for a reason.
First of all according to EMarketer.com a smartphone will become more and more globally an essential part of our daily lives, if it isn’t already. So for Bitcoin it will be extremely important to be easily spendable by a smartphone. Security again plays here also a major role too. A penetration of more than 33% of the global population is estimated to have a smartphone by 2017.

On the other hand they have the operating systems (OS). Their aim is that we would like to make our app available for as much people as possible. But they always keep in mind that what we do execute as perfect as possible. They are taking it step by step. So they have chosen to start off with the OS Android. Simply because it has the largest market share and most widely used

Security & Privacy of EasBit

They are on top of our game when it comes to security. All stored and exchanged data will be encrypted. They will provide easy use for (automatic) backup facilities. The safety of the Bitcoins is their highest priority.
Accenture did a study on mobile payments. When it comes to mobile payments the user selects platform based on 3 items:
1. Security

2. Privacy

3. Convenience
Based on these fundamentals they have developed the Android mobile application.

Cold Storage Option

They also have added a well and secured backup feature. As well as cold storage possibilities and easy restoring in case of losing your phone.

The main principal of Bitcoin is decentralization. This is a matter they don’t like to interfere in. So we do not store any Bitcoin related data on our servers. The Bitcoins are stored locally on the user’s end, just like somebody would carry cash in a wallet. Which means somebody is ALWAYS really in charge of the Bitcoins. Such thing which happened at Mt Gox is simply not possible, because we do not store any Bitcoins, private keys, public keys or any kind of crucial data. They will only provide secured transactions and will be hosting user friendly services to make the usage of the wallet as easy and secure as possible. They also encrypt all stored and exchanged data.

About Company & Development

The software is developed according level 5 CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) standards. These are the highest possible standards worldwide acknowledged. Outsourcing the actually coding in India. The Indian company is a level 5 organization.
Also many other Dutch leading companies are engaged with the same company. The company usually engages with larger companies/customers, but they were also impressed by our ideas for cryptocurrency and found it an interesting topic, that is the reason they have committed themselves to their startup.
Level 5 means: It is a characteristic of processes at this level that the focus is on continually improving process performance through both incremental and innovative technological changes/improvements. (source:63 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capability_Maturity_Model)
It is also important to know is that they code native. The reason we do this is that people spend more and more time on their smartphones. Daily activities contain surfing the web, downloading apps, playing games and streaming videos. Simply said it is not possible to create the same rich and functional experiences as you would achieve with for e.g. HTML5 which multi platform.

During development their team contained:



2 Android Developers

1 .Net Developer

1 QA Engineer

1 UI Designer



1 Architect

1 Project Manager

Delivery Manager



Who are they are ? They have experience ?

Patrick van Ek: He is a 40 year young man. His goal is to consistently innovate to create value. He finds opportunities where other people see none: It turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.
Skills: Marketing, SEO, Sales, Social Media, Philosopher.

Junanto van der Veen: He is a 35 aged young man who consider himself full of life. What he is good is the ability to adapt to any situation. He thrive in a fluctuating environment and transform unexpected obstacles into stepping stones for achievements.
Skills: Scrum, Agile, Mobile App development, Banking, Philosopher.
They met on a birthday party of a mutual friend about 7 years ago. Since that day they got along very well. As well as privately and business wise. Both of them can sincerely say that they’ve established a true friendship which will last for life, so called “brothers in arms”. They do have though totally different personalities and skills. But they accept each other as they are. Respecting each other’s opinion and philosophizing is something they love to do while enjoying a glass of wine. Making them a winning team.

Summarizing makes this Easbit a winning team: – Easbit has a transparent profit model which is a fee per transaction model and there are no hidden fees. – Easbit has proven skills to develop innovative software – Each team member is extremely driven to make it to a succes

How is their application work ? It really easy-to-use ?

Well, we have tested ourselves and in just 2 minutes you are ready to receive Bitcoin on your mobile wallet. It’s very easy-to-use and secure as far as we explored it.

You can download from Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.easbit

Also here are some screen shots from EasBit Bitcoin Wallet:

EasBit Menu Window.

EasBit Send Bitcoins window.

EasBit – Signup Window












In conclusion it’s a truly easy-to-use (granny-proof) Android Bitcoin Wallet, we gave them 5 stars for their successful application and we recommend it to all who love a secure & easy to use mobile Bitcoin Wallet . EasBit did a great job!

Official Website: www.easbit.com

Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.easbit

If you installed their application , let us know via comment section what is your opinion about them and if it’s really easy-to-use , even for your granny.




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