Purchase BTC through PayPal with ATOMBIT Wallet!
September 6, 2015
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Purchase BTC through PayPal with ATOMBIT Wallet!

Have you been looking for a simple way to purchase bitcoins that doesn’t require any verification or waiting? Do you have a PayPal account and an iOS device? Then look no further, ATOMBIT Wallet has found a solution to your problems!

By leveraging PayPal’s verification process, you can purchase up to $100 CAD worth of bitcoins every 24 hours and have them delivered straight to your wallet within minutes. 

For those with an un-verified PayPal account, the limit is lowered to $24 CAD every 24 hours.

Once you have authorized your payment, you will receive an email from PayPal to notify you that your transaction is being processed. The delivery of your bitcoins can then be tracked through PayPal as well as on your phone with local app notifications. You can rest assured that no funds are pulled from your account until ATOMBIT has already initiated the delivery of your bitcoins.


– About ATOMBIT Wallet –

ATOMBIT Wallet is a mobile wallet for purchasing, storing, and sending & receiving bitcoins. Designed and developed in Montreal, Canada, it launched in June of 2015 on the App Store and has drawn wide praise for its simplicity and ingenuity. Unlike other Bitcoin wallets, ATOMBIT doesn’t collect any personal information from its users, doesn’t require a passcode/phrase to be memorized, and has no annoying usernames or passwords to remember. This amazing combination of security and convenience is made possible by Zeropasswords, a paradigm shifting technology that is quickly gaining traction in the data security field.

You can check out ATOMBIT Wallet on the App Store today!




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